Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wolfenstein 3d

 Already a fan of ID software, I now came across Wolfenstien 3d ( popularly known as Wolf 3d. Also termed the "grandfather of 3D shooters") Just like Commander Keen, this game was also created by ID software and published by Apogee Software. In Wolf you assumes the role of an American soldier of Polish descent, named William "B.J." Blazkowicz, attempting to escape from the Nazi stronghold of Castle Wolfenstein.  

Wolf 3d Start Screen

Levels are completed by reaching an elevator which leads to the next level. The player must combat numerous guards and other enemies while maintaining ammunition and health supplies. Throughout the game numerous armed guards, attack dogs, and mutant soldiers oppose the player.

 The buildings traversed contain health supplies in the form of food and medical kits, various treasures, and hidden rooms. There are four weapons (a knife and three guns) available throughout each episode for the player's defense.The game has strong Nazi references and Due to its use of Nazi symbols such as the Swastika and the anthem of the Nazi Party, Horst-Wessel-Lied, as theme music, the PC version of the game was withdrawn from circulation in Germany in 1994. 

I loved wolf and found it really cool but the game would always give me a headache if I played more than three levels continuously. I greatly thank this game for making me realize how much shooters are. 

FUN FACT : Despite the historical setting, and the presence of Hitler as an episode boss, the game bears no resemblance to any actual Nazi plans or structures. At least three levels heavily feature swastika-shaped room layouts and maps, going as far as having one level (episode 6, map 3) built entirely of a tessellation of them. See image below: