Wednesday, December 28, 2011

7 Sins

Every once in a while, I enjoy a sleazy game. 7 Sins by French developers Montecristo happened to be just one of them. In this game, the player must get to the top of the social ladder in the fictional Apple City. Throughout the game the player makes decisions based on pride, wrath, greed, envy, lust, sloth and gluttony with the main aim of making it big in Apple City. He needs to impress females (and occasionally males) and sleep your way to the top. In the end, you'll earn money and respect and become the biggest player in town. You'll start off working in a clothes shop, but soon you'll be working for TV or crash at SM parties. and make decisions related to the seven deadly sins.

 The game has a lot of conversations that need to be carried out for relationship building and to progress in a conversation, you just have to choose a line for the next subject or action. It's your job to find out which subjects interest the ladies and use them to improve your relationship and achieve your goals.
While interacting with people, you'll need to keep an eye on four bars: the amount of sins you've committed, the temperature in your pants and your stress and frustration level. When one of them is full, your man will freak out and run away, so keep them low.

Throughout the game's seven chapters, the player's character must use interpersonal skills to charm, intimidate, and otherwise manipulate key residents of  Apple City. By building relationships with these NPCs, players gain important information and access to new contacts, allowing them to network up the ladder of celebrity and gain even more power and influence. And most relationships in this game are built by banging the characters. Pardon my language BUT I TOLD YOU ITS A SLEAZY GAME. Once a relationship has been built new missions are unlocked.

 The main element of the game is a bunch of mini games, associated with each sin. Most of them are hilarious. Where anger often involves a minigame to kill small animals which our character hates, gluttony involves eating like a pig and then trying to control yourself from puking while you head to the restroom, wrath involves peeing on bugs on the toilet pot with presicion and so on. There is even one to control the player's libido where you must look up a woman's skirt or cleavage and keep your aim up there for 30 seconds. Mind you, this game is definitely for adults only though it does not have any nudity. If you have a sense of humor, you will enjoy this game!