Thursday, December 1, 2011

In between

Slowly, the gamer in me was evolving as I discovered more famous titles. My afternoons and sometimes evenings were spent glued to the computer playing games various games which were engaging but lacked depth. Those days I was playing Need for Speed 3, Space Bunnies Must Die, Jazz Jackrabbit 2, Road Rash, Rayman Gold, Prince of Persia 3d and more that I cant remember. 

Space Bunnies Must Die engaged me for a bit as it was a third-person action adventure game featuring a female playable character ( I have a major thing for games where the playable character is female ) In this case, it was a truck stop diner waitress who's sister has been abducted by mutant bunnies from outer space. Yeah, it was kinda weird and that's why I liked it. The bunnies however were huge, evil and had big guns. Our character was pretty badass with lots of profanity (Fat ass bastard was one of the things she said  with vengeance after killing the bunny in the picture below) and was modelled on the likes of Lara Croft.

The fun thing about it was that anytime during gameplay you could press and hold the D key and your girl starts singing a song and starts dancing to it. See the picture below where Allison and the bunny are both dancing. If she happens to be around bunnies, they drop their guns and start dancing too. This was quite effective if you wanted to kill the bunnies because you could just suddenly stop dancing and shoot them. Inspite of these weird and interesting details, the game was quite difficult and had a lot of bugs so I eventually gave up. Memories of this game are still clear in my head along with the song that the character sang. Its been about twelve years since I played it (1999)

Another game I enjoyed thoroughly was Prince of Persia 3d. This one came out in the year 2000 and I had a demo version thanks to my dad's Chip magazine. The game starts of with a cutscene where there is an uber sexy bellydancer (the one on our left) who performs ( See video below ) and thanks to my immense love for bellydancers and bellydancing I played on hoping to see her again. A bit into the game, you see her disappear past you into the darkness. This had gotten me really excited hoping that my character, the Prince would encounter her somewhere ahead. Sadly, the demo did not let me go that far in the game. I learned later by reading the walkthrough that you eventually kill her in the game. Damn, and I thought she'd dance for me.