Friday, March 8, 2013

Twisted Movie - Excision

Okay now as you may know, AnnaLynne McCord is extremely hot and you may have definitely seen her as the vixen bombshell in movies like Fired up or shows like 90210 and Nip/Tuck. In this movie, she plays the antithesis of what she's famous for, looking virtually unrecognizable thanks to stellar makeup and good acting that transform her into Pauline. She plays an unattractive teenage outcast with psychological issues associated with her family and a fetish for death, blood and surgery (because of her desire to become a surgeon, hence the title Excision) coupled with teenage issues like wanting to lose her virginity and stuff.

A somewhat gory film set in a high school setup, Excision is a dark and bloody film about a teenager who does not want to be like the rest of her peers and is pretty comfortable about it. She does, however, know that she has psychological issues and is practically screaming at the top of her lungs for psychological help. She even asks her parents to take her to a psychiatrist but her prissy mother takes her to the priest instead. When I speak of Excision, I say somewhat gory because I have a penchant for gory movies and I have also played lots of video games of the same nature so this one doesn't have too heavy a dose, but that's according to my standards.

One of  Pauline's fantasies

She has a terrible relation with her religious and controlling mother, who makes things even more difficult for her by constantly nagging her and forcing her to be her idea of the ideal daughter while her father is oblivious to her mother's attitude towards her. Besides this, her antisocial attitude coupled with her desire to provoke a reaction from her classmates, teachers and parents all leave her disliked. She is surprisingly witty at times and the film does make you laugh at times, sometimes even feeling really happy when Pauline has things her way in the otherwise dark story line  Besides her self proclaimed sociopathic behavior she does, however, adore her dying younger sister, Grace, who is clearly her parents’ favorite. The problem is that Grace has cystic fibrosis, and is becoming more ill by the day. After researching her condition, Pauline becomes determined to take any extreme measure to save her little sister.

One of Pauline's fantasies
Every now and then, the film takes you into Pauline's dreams, showing you her blood-drenched and outrageous fantasies that involve necrophilia, guts, corpses and surgery. There's no commentary; but the fantastical imagery and stunning videography, take you into her deranged mind until the abysmal conclusion of the film steals your breath away, showing a much deeper side to her personality and her issues.
This isn’t the kind of story that’s told very often, and according to me it’s a hell of a piece of work. If you can handle weirdness and have a strong stomach, go for it!

Yup, she's holding her own severed head