Friday, June 6, 2014

Goat Simulator Review

I feel really guilty that I've barely played any games for the past year and have been focusing way too much on my fashion and beauty blog instead. However, I've still been following IGN religiously and was delighted to see good reviews of a game where you basically play as a goat and get to destroy the hell out of a city. Sounds exactly like my kinda game. So I downloaded it, and obviously loved it. 

Goats are fascinating creatures. They're cute, unpredictable and pretty delicious so what's not to love about playing a game as one. Unfortunately this review will have to wait because the moment I saw the photo below about PewDiePie's quote about the game, I went straight to his blog to see a video of him playing it and just realized that they've come out with a patch. So, for now, I'm downloading the patch and playing. 

Review will come soon, I promise. Till then, enjoy a close up of our heroic goat!