Monday, December 5, 2011

Carmageddon 2

I'm a bit inclined towards hardcore stuff. Gore, violence, blood... yeah, that's my kinda thing. When I was twelve years old I stumbled upon Carmageddon 2 and thought it was gonna be like any other racing game. But I was surprised that unlike Need For Speed and other racing games I've played, I could see pedestrians around! Thirty seconds into the race I realised that there was a formal track, but the game gives you no restriction to explore or run over people! You know what that means? WHEEEE!!!!


There are three ways to finish a level in this game. The first is the normal way on the racetrack where you must pass through the actual checkpoints of the race and finish the level. The second is if you destroy all your opponents. Yes! You can destroy them!!! The level has various powerups ( a spring that shoves your opponents with great force, greasy tires etc ) that help you destroy your opponents car. But the third way of  is the awesome-est! Its epic fun because you can kill the pedestrians too!!! This gives you points and if you successfully eliminate all the pedestrians from a level you complete the level!! Not only do you get to smush and make chutney out of the pedestrians by running over them but you also get special power ups that help you kill them and combo bonuses if you kill two or more people at the same time. There is even a cat n mouse bonus in case you manage to get an arm and a leg off the person by lightly hitting them so that they just lose limbs but are still alive. Yeah, its very naughty! There is a power up called the pedestrian electro bastard ray that sends a ray out to zap and fry your peds, then there is another called suicidal peds where they come running towards your car so you can knock them out, you can also enter supermarkets and offices and paint the town red ( in pedestrian blood )

Imagine a twelve year old girl suddenly discovering the joy of road rage and using a car to make pulp out of game characters by repeatedly hammering them with a car against the wall till they become, well, pulp.Look at me now. When they say violent video games should not be given to children, I guess they are scared that those children will grow up to be psycho. I'm not exactly psycho but unlike other girls my idea of a perfect date movie does not involve a romantic comedy or a chick flick but a hardcore horror, gore or torture film.

 For all of you who havent played this, you should download the demo at least and give it a shot. Its immense fun to get off the road and vent all your frustrations out on innocent pedestrians.