Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dink Smallwood

As I was growing up and about 16 years old,  upon recommendation of my best friend. I started playing a hilarious game called Dink Smallwood. I loved it so much that till date, once in a few years, I start a new game and play it all over again for a wholesome Dink experience. This is a zelda style side-scrolling role playing game which was released as freeware in 1999 by Robinson Technologies. It has a small but constant fan following that continues to develop add-ons for the game more than a decade after its release. 

The game centers on Dink, a pig farmer who embarks on various quests throughout his world.  He is a rude and funny guy who frequently speaks his mind throughout the game. The game allows you to punch or attack anything you want, often resulting in humorous dialogues. Since its set in fantasy times, the game has weapons, items and magic. 

You start the game as Dink, a pig farmer, living a normal life in your village, Stonebrook where you live with your mom. She sends you out to collect some nuts and when you return your house is burning down and your mother is dead inside. You now have to go out of your village and find your aunt and live with her. Along the way, you hear of a powerful and sinister group known as the Cast. Eventually, you need to defeat these people, in the process of which you save various people from many troubles. This includes saving a family from evil dragons when you come to know later that the dragons were innocent and these people built a house on their nest and another time where you come across a town that worships ducks and have no food to eat, but eventually as you kill the ducks the motion of your sword and the heat cooks them and the whole town has lots of duck to eat. Go figure! 

Enemies of the game include all sorts of strange creatures like  Pillbugs ( fun gross looking giant bugs that make a funny sound when you hit them) the Bonca ( a two legged beast that hits you or other monsters on screen with its tail) Slayers (big evil dragons which can take quite a bit of your life out with one punch) Stone Giants ( big golem like creatures that hit you with rocks) and  Goblins ( self explanatory) 

 The game also has level editors which allow you to create levels. Each playable module is knows as a D-Mod, short for Dink Module.  The game comes with its own D-Mod, Mystery Island, which follows Dink's adventures after his victory in the original story. D-Mods can be heavily customized, and some of them are very different from the original game. Many good D-Mods, some of them much longer than the original game, can be found online.