Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Let me give you a statement which has all my favorite elements of a video game. Bastion is a 3rd person action role playing arcade style hack and slash game. What's more? Fantastic graphics, a dynamic narrator who literally narrates everything as you do it and a very awesome soundtrack.

Bastion is a charming-looking game with cute looking manga style characters which are positioned in a sad sad world where all has gone wrong, as you can see from the screen shots below.The visual style of the game is very different from anything I've ever played before as your world literally appears in front of you tile by tile as you walk further, revealing a lot of interesting backgrounds and environment designs. 

In Bastion, you play the story of a silent protagonist called "The Kid". The Kid has slept right through the Calamity, a catastrophic event that has destroyed his land of Caelondia and its surrounding areas. You awaken as "the Kid," and your mission is to restore the Bastion. To do so, you need to go into levels and collect shards, while unraveling more truths about the Calamity and your life.

Bastion is a game about rebuilding a world, a game in which every step you take sees a lost landscape flinging itself back together around you, as fragments of paving tile and shards of scenery spin upwards to meet your passing feet. Just throw in loads of enemies, weapons, bosses and action.

Bastion is a solid action-RPG that is put over the edge by its unique and entrancing concept. It's a fun game, but it would've had trouble standing apart from the crowd, even with its unique features. When you add in the awesome use of narration, the game becomes much more than the sum of its parts. Bastion manages to be engrossing from beginning to end. It's well paced, well executed and fun to play, and it's hard not to get more curious about what comes next.